4 Questions and Answers About Liability Insurance for Cleaning Businesses

General liability coverage, also referred to as a business or professional

4 Questions and Answers About Liability Insurance for Cleaning Businesses

Owning your own business, regardless of the industry, is a major accomplishment. If you want to make a return on your investment, provide safe services and ensure your employees are protected, getting a general liability insurance policy is a smart move for your organization.

If you own a cleaning business, for example, investing in liability insurance will provide you protection in the instance of property damage or other claims related to injuries that happened on the job. 

If you’ve been on the fence about getting liability insurance for your cleaning business based on price, needs, and accessibility, don’t fret - we have you covered. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about general liability insurance for a business in the residential and commercial cleaning industry.

1. What Does Business Liability Insurance Cover? 

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General liability coverage, also referred to as a business or professional liability insurance policy, is designed to protect your business in the event of an unfortunate and unexpected incident. Jason Metz explained business insurance in Forbes Advisor, and highlighted the main reason a cleaning company (or any business for that matter) would consider this type of insurance: bankruptcy.

“General liability insurance protects a business against claims of bodily injury and property damage from customers and clients. These types of claims may result from your company’s products, services or operations. Without general liability insurance, you could end up paying out of your business’s income, and in a worst-case scenario even go bankrupt.” 

There are a variety of reasons a small business involved in cleaning services should consider a liability policy. General liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, copyright infringement, harm of reputation and advertising injury. If someone gets hurt on location after providing your services, or property is damaged while on location for the job, insurance will cover the costs instead of paying out-of-pocket for the damages. 

2. How Can Liability Insurance Benefit My Cleaning Business?

Getting liability insurance for your cleaning business can save the reputation of your organization and ensure you and your employees are in good hands. Without a liability insurance policy, you may find yourself scrambling to cover the costs related to potential damages and injuries that occured while on the job or after the job has been completed. 

3. Do I Need Liability Insurance Even if I Don’t Have Employees?

It’s important to remember that liability insurance doesn’t equate to workers comp insurance. Therefore, even if you don’t have employees, general liability insurance is a smart investment. This will protect your business and its reputation, and provide you the means to take care of the losses and potential defense costs caused by an accident. 

4. How Much is Business Liability Insurance?

The cost of liability insurance for small businesses can vary among providers, but on average, general liability insurance costs as low as $30 a month. The location and industry of your business factors into the costs of insurance, and your annual revenue can also influence the price you would pay for general liability insurance.

5. How Can I Get Liability Insurance for my Cleaning Business? 

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