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What is Workers' Compensation?

A worker’s comp insurance policy covers you if your employees get injured or become ill while doing their work.

Do I Need Workers’ Comp Insurance for my Business?

Having workers’ comp coverage is crucial for three reasons:

  1. It protects your employees if they suffer workplace injuries or illnesses, providing needed funds to replace wages and address medical bills.
  2. It protects your business if something was to go wrong. Workers' compensation can also offer you legal protection for damages resulting from the incident.
  3. For many businesses, it addresses a requirement under state law to carry workers’ comp insurance.

Here are some of the things this insurance plan can help pay for when an employee is injured or falls ill due to a workplace accident or incent:

What's Not Covered & Cost of Insurance

Some situations in which workers' compensation will not protect your business include:

Important factors that determine workers' comp insurance cost include your yearly payroll and the level of job risk that you pay your employees to perform. Claims history, i.e. the volume of workers’ compensation claims made in the past, may also affect workers’ comp costs.

The nationwide average cost of workers’ comp insurance is roughly $78 per employee per year. Workers’ compensation insurance costs are much more predictable and manageable than the price of addressing the needs of injured and ill employees without this support in place.

Paying your workers’ compensation premium each month protects your company from many financial and legal risks. It’s one of the most important policies for a business to hold.

How do I get a Worker's Compensation Quote?

Workers' compensation can be difficult to understand, which is why we have a team of insurance experts to help.

The basic information we need is:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I use contractors instead of employees, do I still need workers' compensation insurance?

Contracted workers, leased workers, and some other hiring situations may be exempt from workers' comp requirements. However, laws differ from state to state and some require companies to provide coverage for contractors.

We would be happy to discuss your current situation with you: Call us at 888-827-9990.

What is not covered in a worker's comp policy?

Even though workers’ compensation insurance provides broad coverage for work- related injuries and illness, there are some exclusions.

For example, injuries outside of work are not covered, and commuting to and from work generally is not covered. Also, intentional injuries and those occurring as a result of substance abuse or intoxication aren't covered.

What is covered in a Workers' Comp policy?

Insurance benefits provided by a workers' compensation policy are regulated by each state, so it may differ depending on which state you operate in.

This policy provides coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and death benefits resulting from an employee's injury or illness that occurs due to the job. Covered medical expenses can include hospital care, surgery, doctor visits, physical therapy, emergency room visits, prescription medication, etc.

When an employee is unable to stay at (or return to) work, replacement income can be provided.

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