What Does Liability Insurance Cover for a Welding Business?

Searching for liability insurance for a welding business?

What Does Liability Insurance Cover for a Welding Business?

Owning or managing a welding business comes with a slew of responsibilities and risks. As the Occupational Safety & Health Administration details, some of the potential hazards associated with welding, cutting and brazing on the job include fires, explosions, intense heat, radiation, and electricity.

Some of the injuries that may result from exposure to such hazards include:

  • Electrical shock
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Eye discomfort and damage
  • Damage to the toes and fingers
  • Repetitive stress on the body
  • Fume exposure

Why You Need Liability Insurance Coverage for Your Small Business

While personal protective equipment can be used to encourage a safe working environment, there’s no denying that accidents happen. Having another layer of protection for your business and employees can give you peace of mind in the event of an accident, and can provide employees with the support they need if something goes wrong:

“I believe that most employers want to provide a safe and healthy environment, and workers want a safe and healthy environment,” Steve Hedrick, safety and health manager of the American Welding Society, said to Safety and Health magazine. “However, lack of knowledge and the unwillingness of some employers to provide the resources for a safe work environment may be obstacles to improving welder safety.”

By acknowledging the need for liability insurance for small businesses in welding, you are providing peace of mind for welders and other operational employees that you support their safety and satisfaction in the workplace.

What Can Small Business Professional Liability Insurance Cover for Welders?

Welding liability insurance policies are designed to provide a layer of coverage for defense costs and other issues involved with the risks that come with your business operations.

Welders should consider commercial property insurance, as well as a coverage policy to protect tools and equipment. While those aspects are important to consider, general liability coverage may be the most important insurance option for welders.

General liability insurance covers incidents that happen on the job. Welding is a highly intensive and hazardous industry. General liability insurance is necessary in protecting employees from bodily harm, and the organization itself from reputational damage and costs associated with legal issues. General liability insurance for welders will normally cover incidents regarding workers compensation, and property and equipment damage.

Business Liability Insurance Costs: What to Expect In General Liability Insurance Costs

What are welding businesses expected to pay when it comes to small business owner liability insurance?

The costs associated with liability insurance for small businesses will vary across industries and organizations; welding liability insurance doesn’t come at a fixed rate. Some of the factors that are used to determine cost include size of the welding business, the amount of revenue said welding business brings in on a regular basis, and the business’ claims history. Costs will vary from one organization to the next, but it will also depend on the insurance provider of choice.

When a welding business can show proof of its ability to stay out of lawsuits and keep its work environment safe and stable for employees, the cost of general liability insurance goes down.

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